Minimize / Resize right sidebar windows: chat, opponents, game history

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It's hard to see all the opponents for larger games. If there was an option to minimize the windows to make the opponents window larger. A minus/plus button in the corner. This would allow players who host a larger game and use another chat (like Meet, Zoom, MMS, etc) to see the list of 6 or more opponents without scrolling. This could be added to all the windows so you could shrink 2 of 3 to have one large window.

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"Allow hiding chat box"
When you're playing with friends on voice, there's no reason to have a chat box. Allowing players to minimize / close / hide the chat section can free up more screen real-estate. This could allow users to have more of the log or the players' window visible. More information at a glance without scrolling is always nice!

Under consideration enhance feature ux Suggested by: Mike Boardman Upvoted: 13 May Comments: 51

Comments: 51