Keyboard shortcuts

I think it would be great if the entire game could be played with just the keyboard.

Start of Game:
Initial placement of settlements would have a settlement icon hover over an available spot and you use the ←/↑/↓/→ KEYS for placement and ENTER to confirm.

During a Turn:
1. Dice roll = Spacebar

2. End turn = ESC

3. Trading
3.1. Offering a Trade:
Two ways of bringing up the trading UI: "T" to bring up the window or directly press hotkeys assigned to each resource (see below).
"1" = Lumber
"2" = Brick
"3" = Wool
"4" = Grain
"5" = Ore
The first step would be selecting what the player wants to offer, then press "T" again, then select the resources you want to get. For example, I want to offer 2x lumber and I want 2x grain: I press "1" (trade window goes up with lumber card in it), "1" (add another lumber), "T" (confirm my offer), "4" (now the right-side window for what I want), "4" (for the second grain", "T" (send out offer to players).


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Comments: 14

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