Not enough resource to give to all should mean no resources distributed

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When there are not enough resources in the bank to distribute to ALL parties, the game should not distributed.

Example: Red has 2 cities on a (6) wood. Blue has a city on the (6) wood. There is 5 wood left when a 6 is rolled. Red would receive 4 wood and blue would receive 2. 4+2 = 6 required > 5 in the bank. No one would receive resources.

This should not apply to individual overages where only one person would receive the resources. In this case, all remaining resources would go to that person.

Example: Red has 3 cities on a (6) wood. There is 5 wood remaining. Red would receive 5 wood since he is the only recipient.

Done bug game Suggested by: aztechunter Upvoted: 20 Feb, '22 Comments: 51

Comments: 51