Save game settings for future setups

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By clicking 0 through 8 at the bottom of the game set up lobby, a settings profile can be loaded. It can then be modified and used or modified and saved. If saved, the next time that number is chosen, it will display the settings as they were when it was saved. These 9 profile settings are attached to the users account. Once information is saved in one of the profile numbered locations, the square for it will change to light blue, and the one that is clicked on will be green. If you click on a profile numbered location that has not been used yet, nothing changes on the screen except that numbered profile location box turns 50% green, showing that it is currently selected but does not have anything saved in it. By clicking save, the current selection information would be saved in it and it's box would become 100% green. This allows for profiles to be cloned and changed. Clicking on the word "PROFILE" returns to the default settings and un-highlights any profile buttons.

Under consideration enhance feature room ux Suggested by: Alex Bruski Upvoted: 17 Jun Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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