Bug with reconnect on a bot's turn

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In a game against only bots, or where all humans get disconnected, (speed set to "very slow," bot speed "fast," using Chrome on a Mac in case that matters), there's a bug whenever I have to reconnect during a bot's turn. When the game re-connects, rather than continuing, it sits in a sort of frozen or paused state. Instead of the usual "So-and-so's turn" or "Deciding who to rob" status message, it says "Reconnected to game." The count-down timer for that status message starts at over 3 hours. Play doesn't progress for at least 30 minutes (at which point I gave up). I've tried this a few times, most recently on game https://colonist.io/#M66d

Also, thanks for an amazing version of this game. Overall it's smoother, faster, and more reliable than any other version I've seen. Thanks!

Done bot bug Suggested by: Tinker Upvoted: 11 Oct, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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