AI Trading ideas

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1. Estimate odds of the opponent having a certain combination of cards based on card counting of the last 2-3 rolls. (To mimic human memory/remove perfect memory)

a) If opponent can build, decline trade unless AI can build on their turn as well.

b) If opponent can not build on their turn, accept trade if it AI for future goals.
b.1) Decline trade if high probability of opponent completing their build on the next roll (e.g. 40% chance to get wood) or can attain it through bank/port trades.

c) Accept trades from opponent if 2-3 cards given to AI.

d) Decline trades if opponent is 2 more VP unless it puts AI ahead of other opponents within the turn.

e) Decline trades with opponents that have 3+ VP or in the lead.
f) Decline trade with players that have 7 VP and hidden cards.


Feel free to throw in any other suggestions or maths suggestions.

Under consideration idea trade Suggested by: Panda | Kero Upvoted: 15 Apr, '20 Comments: 8

Comments: 8