Bug: Port Graphic Wrong on 5-6 player maps

this one is only a graphic issue, on the 5-6 expansion map it appears that both a 3:1 port and a sheep port land on a single spot. There is no gameplay issue, as i have tested the spot and it is correct. it is only the port of the upper left one and not the one with the graphic that has 3 port landings

admin edit: this has been fixed on V83, 2.1+2.1 and 2.1+3.1 looks good now. However, it is still glitched when there are two 3.1 ports, in v88. New image attached
edit 2: fixed! live in v98

Done bug ui Suggested by: Schaefer Upvoted: 17 Jan, '21 Comments: 20

Comments: 20

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