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As I am writing this there is a user in the main Lobby chat who is insulting left right and center and trying to be provocative ie. a typical troll.

There needs to be some form of Chat moderation in the main Lobby, or the possibility to mute players.

How about the following: Automute a player for all other players if a certain number of players (let's say 10 or more) have already muted that player or if his comments continously contain certain words. Ideally this should happen without the troll noticing it i.e. show them what they write but don't actually show it to other players.

This way they wont notice that nobody is listening to them anymore and wont really annoy anyone. They will also be less likely to just rejoin the chat with a different name but will just assume that everyone is ignoring them.

Under consideration lobby Suggested by: bjaki Upvoted: 24 Jan Comments: 5

Comments: 5

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