Optional play choices for Fun Mode

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Instead of the robber ( I don't condone stealing) let's have a Benefactor! When the seven is rolled, the Benefactor changes to the color of the player who rolled the seven, and they can place the benefactor on any tile hex and receive 1 income from the benefactor on each roll of that tile. This should be for the Fun Mode game as an option. Of course, it would be nice to have the option of not playing with the robber.
For those that like greater chance... introduce the Charity... The player with the lowest score gets one added income from the tile of their choice. The Storm ravages the board and demotes cities to villages and villages to empty roads! Of course, no one ever gets demoted to less than their two starting villages.

Under consideration idea Suggested by: Alex Bruski Upvoted: 28 Sep, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1