Fix Karma System: /disable karma doesn't work

does the karma system ever actually disable?

it seems as though the karma system doesn’t ever deactivate. countless times after leaving a game after a bot takes over - you still get a penalty hit. how many people even have to vote to disable karma for it to be disabled? either way, after looking at the chat log it seems clear that the karma system never deactivates in the first place. i noticed after someone rejoined a game, a log notification stated “karma system: active again...” but never did one appear that that karma system was disabled because User has left the game. Or maybe it should state “karma system will disable if user does not rejoin in 1 turn rotation”

overall the suggestion for this post is:
-fix karma system to actually disable if people leave game
-clarify /disablekarma command (how many votes or make a button)
-have chat log state when karma is disabled

Done bug Suggested by: heady Upvoted: 18 Apr Comments: 11

Comments: 11

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