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Way too many 7's in favor of the BOT, robber gets moved to your good number, then said good number gets rolled 3 of the next 4 times, then another 7 for the BOT, BOT moves to other good number, then, mysteriously, said new number gets rolled 3 of the next 4 times and repeat. On the off chance you can move the robber via Knight card, BOT strangely enough rolls an immediate 7, rinse and repeat... This is not a one time event, this happens way too many times. It is also very strange how the BOT knows to purge its hand when you get a Monopoly card. Too many times the BOT opponent has a minimum of 5:1 rolled 7 ratio advantage, and at least a 12:1 resource advantage, if not more lopsided. There's more, but lastly, once the BOT can't make any more moves (especially to set you back 5 turns) it will not end its turn and you have to wait for the clock to tick down.

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