Bug: turn ends prematurely (maybe when you hover over the end turn button?)

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I just want to point out that nvidia shadowplay didn't record my cursor, so it can be hard to know where I clicked. But you know that I didn't click the end turn button as no sound effect pinged.

Turn ends prematurely after hovering over the end button. https://streamable.com/2e6xy
Another example of the same happening. https://streamable.com/n1cog

This example is slightly different as I didn't hover over the end turn button. Suggesting that the bug may have nothing to do with hovering above the end button. My turn ends in the middle of my trading. https://streamable.com/ctjn8

Note: This is now a thread on turns ending prematurely - Austin

Under consideration bug game Suggested by: Matias Upvoted: 19 Jun, '20 Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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