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The bots feel like newbies who learned some competitive tricks and as a result pick really stupid starting positions that only work because they trade way too generously... so it ruins the game slightly because rather than teaching people to pick a good starting spot that had decent odds of workable 2nd pick, you are focused on picking a largely severely less than ideal starting spot because you know that all 3 bots are going to screw over the board.

I realize that one has to select defensively, because players will steal ports or monopolize a valuable resource ... but the bots seem to do that when there is no real advantage. The result being I might have a good starting spot that I can't pick because I know there will be zero wheat left - but if I pick the wheat then there is no ore/brick left.

And bots could take a spot that gives them wood/brick but prioritize taking one position above it that leaves them with no brick all because it blocks a resource.

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Under consideration bot

Comments: 1

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