Stats are not right (at least not in the correct lines)

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As you can see in the pictured I annexed, Aeolian has been stolen by me but the stats indicate that he has not been stolen at all. This is only an example since I could find errors in almost all lines/columns.
My theory is that, even if I appear in first because I won (Victory Points column is always right), the rest of the player's stats appear by the order as the players are in the pannel (from my point-of-view, I'm always the 4th player in the pannel and my stats were in the 4th line - I checked them). You can also look at the resource income - it is displayed that the Khazbs had the most Resource Income. Impossible, since he had 3 settlements and I had 4 cities + 1 settlement. Khazbs should be on the 3rd line.

Thank you!

Done bug game Suggested by: Taloch Upvoted: 25 Apr, '23 Comments: 4

Comments: 4