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There is this qlitch in the game, which did't use to happen often - it's is said that your internet connection is lost and you need to refresh the page. Once you refresh your page you get into the lobby, and you need to find your room where you were playing and enter it again. But it takes extra 20-30 seconds to do it, cause it says that the assets are not ready something like that. And when you finally enter the room, your turn is finished. I mean, first of all it seems to me that it started to happen often (slow internet error) not only with me but with the other players too, and second of all, before that you didn't need to refresh the page, find you room and enter it again. It was that once you lost the connection and it gets better you automatically start in the same room without really even leaving it.
So it would be great to be able to stay in the same room where you are playing when you refresh the page and not to be kicked back to the lobby, find you room and so on.

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Under consideration bug room

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