Boost discord's Competitive Leagues

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I believe that Discord's competitive leagues are an important part of the Colonist community, and lately I noticed a big loss of advertising space for them.

My suggestion here is to make the existence of these leagues more evident on the website.

A good part of the players that have been faithful to Colonist for years only continue to frequent the platform because of the big leagues (namely: Catan Championship, Koc, C. Community and CPI). I'm one of them. I would have abandoned the game a long time ago if I hadn't discovered this world that, imo, revolutionizes the way of playing Catan every day. Only those in the leagues know how clever the games are and how much the strategies developed in recent years underscore the beauty of skill in Catan.

I know the focus today has been ranked games, but there are many faithful players in these leagues. And many others waiting for this opportunity to become loyal if a little more publicity is done. We all win.

Under consideration Suggested by: Shanks1700 Upvoted: 24 Sep Comments: 13

Comments: 13