Overhaul the chat filter

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At this point, I think most of us have experienced a run in with what has to be the most sensitive chat filter I have ever encountered. Whether it be something completely mundane like dropping a crap (pun intended) or a damn, or simply accidentally typing "butt" instead of "but" in the heat of the moment when trying to vigerously explain why another player needs to be blocked.

There are many viable solutions to this problem. I think the best, is self moderation. As the player's are the one's that have to read these messages, let them choose what they do and don't see!

Player's already have the ability to mute another player if they don't want to see their chat. So what I suggest is add a chat filter setting for player's with 3 options:
1. No Filter (self-explanatory)
2. Sensored (Chat messages still get recevied with explicitive words replaced with ****)
3. Filtered (Chat messages with explicitive words are not received by the player)

No more colonist side sensoring, or chat bans.

Done Suggested by: ABH Upvoted: 15 Aug Comments: 2

Comments: 2