Small improvements in Game UX

Here are some ideas I've had playing the game.

1) Allow lobby host to have a checkbox that says "Disable Trading With Bots." Often, when a player leaves, all players will unanimously agree to not trade with the bot. However, sometimes players like to accidently break this rule every once in a while and get a great trade in. This has caused me to lose games all because of poor sportsmanship. Please allow lobby host to disable trading with bots.

2) Disable karma doesn't really work that well. One time, I had a player go afk in the beginning of the game. All of us typed in /disablekarma and left, but didn't realize karma was still active. The player that went afk never left, so everyone got hit with negative karma because we were all considered to have left an active game. Please improve that command and make it easier for players to know when karma is still active.

3) The end-turn button is way too close to the buy-development-card button. I accidently click the wrong one sometimes.

Under consideration enhance feature ui ux Suggested by: Ryan Upvoted: 24 Oct, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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