Chess Map

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Numbers have been selected carefully and intentionally to encourage building within certain regions of the map.

Thematically, the idea is about encouraging players to start with at least one settlement around wood/brick and either expand towards the wheat region (battlefield) or consolidate their defenses.

The blank tiles are for remaining numbers to be distributed similar to how fun maps are currently programmed. This will influence the starting positions slightly and provide some variety to placements.

Row 1 - Fixed resources and number (Sheep and Ore)
Row 2 - Fixed "numbers set" (5 bricks/3 woods distributed randomly along this row for variety)
Row 3 - Fixed resources and "numbers set" (All wood which serves as a barrier)
Row 5&6 - 13 wheats and 3 sheep to be distributed randomly (variety)

Map name: Chess
64 resource tiles (+8 desert tiles) = 72 tiles
12 ports
4 lakes
Suitable for Base (2-4 players)

Under consideration map Suggested by: Kero | Panda Upvoted: 02 Jan, '21 Comments: 10

Comments: 10