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I know there are a couple of longest road bug threads, but I don't think my issue is addressed there.

I was playing red in the attached graphic and had interrupted green's road with a settlement and green still maintained longest road; both of our roads had length 10 at this point.

The following bug then happened: at green's turn the bot playing green built a random road that did not increase their road length; at this moment I was awarded the 2 VPs for longest road and reached 10VPs. This was strange enough, but even stranger was that the game did not end until it was my turn again. So in a sense there are (at least) two bugs:

1. Why was I awarded longest road at the moment when green built a road?

2. Why did the game not end immediately when I reached 10 VPs but only at the start of my turn?

See the graphic below for a snapshot of the end of the game and the logs at the moment after green built their road and I received the longest road.

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Done bug

Comments: 1

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