Bug: Robber gets placed automatically by game on Seven when discard timer runs out

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In one of my last games when I rolled 7 one person timed out for selecting the resources to discard. After the timer ran out the game discarded for this person and placed the robber for me. I could still select which person to rob but couldn't place the robber myself. This happened twice in this game

If I remember correctly in both cases 2 players had to discard and I think I had to discard as well (at least once, maybe both times). It was both time me who rolled the 7 and should have placed the robber. I think otherwise I wouldn't have noticed if robber was placed by the player or by the game.

In both cases it was the same player (3rd in setup; I was 1st in setup) who did not discard cards within the allowed time.

Update: Live in v89

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Comments: 12