Give Founder Pack Owners All Maps

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Very disappointing upon seeing that you said in the update you will asking Founder pack owners to buy maps. I purchased this under the impression everything would be included. Fun maps were supposed to be included. And, even if you claim those are just the weekly ones. It doesn't make any sense. The founder pack is supposed to have access to the "Custom Maps" expansion. Now please tell me, if we are supposed to have access to custom maps, what value could there possibly be to purchasing maps? When we are supposed to have the ability to make custom ones anyways.

This pricing strategy doesn't make any sense. You should reconsider. It feels like a betrayal to the people who put in a big contribution for the prospect of getting access to everything in the future. If this is the situation I may want to downgrade my purchase, and if I can't, then I may report or dispute the purchase for failure to deliver what was promised.

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Done Suggested by: Dustyn Upvoted: 16 Aug, '20 Comments: 11

Comments: 11

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