See other players' responses to trades

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In real-life Catan, you see other players' reactions to trades, which adds leverage to the trade.

For instance, a leading player wants to get brick for a settlement in exchange for a resource that would be beneficial to you. You don't want to give advantage to the leading player, but if you see that someone else agrees to the trade, you'd rather you trade with the leading player (as opposed to a third player trading with the leading player).

In real life, you are likely to accept the trade. However, within the 'blind trading' on you are less likely to accept the trade.

- This could be done by having little icons with + or - next to the trade, just like the player initiating the trade sees it. Only it would be available to all players, not just the initiator.

Done Suggested by: Aleksandra Upvoted: 19 Aug Comments: 18

Comments: 18